Maker's Spotlight: Indi Chocolate

indi bar4.jpg

When Erin Andrews' daughters asked her where chocolate came from, she decided to show them - literally. She took them to Belize to see cacao trees first hand. From there her love of cacao, and the people who grow it, was born. Her creative journey began with hand made cocoa butter body care products and has grown to encompass every aspect of the artisan chocolate revolution.

Indi chocolate sources cacao beans directly from farmers and cooperatives to make small batch, single origin chocolate. They also produce a wide range of cacao based products including teas, spice rubs, beverage infusion kits, soaps and lotions, as well as chocolate making equipment for both home and professional use.

Their Nicaragua 72% bar is made only with Enliven Cacao, sugar and cocoa butter. Erin, Glenn and the team have managed to coax from the bean a deep, rich chocolate flavor with bright notes of blueberry and hints of dark fruit. Try one today!

Located in the famous Pike Place Market of Seattle, visitors can walk in and enjoy hot drinks and snacks in the café while watching chocolate being made in the factory. Indi also offers a wide variety of classes, including Bean to Bar Chocolate Making, Truffle Making, Chocolate Tasting 101, and more.

Eric Hiller