Maker's Spotlight: Primo Botanica

Oliver Holecek, head chocolate maker at Primo Botanica, is dedicated to creating a more intimate relationship between chocolate and people. He believes understanding the source is just as important as enjoying the flavor.

Having travelled to Latin America and volunteered on small farms, he is able to ethically source, produce and deliver high quality chocolates with flavors that truly represent their places of origin. 

Their Nicaragua Matagalpa 75% bar, made with Enliven Cacao, boasts a velvety texture with deep red fruity notes like strawberry, and an interesting green mango astringency. Try one today!

Oliver's love of chocolate grew out of a passion for small-farm agriculture that developed while earning a college degree in cultural anthropology with a focus in agriculture and food. He learned the craft of chocolate as a pastry chef at Peck’s Arcade and Lucas Confectionery in Troy, while working with his cousin who grows cacao.

Eric Hiller