Enliven Cacao
Enliven Cacao
Make Chocolate. Cure Poverty.

You make great chocolate, why not cure poverty at the same time?

100% of the money you spend on Enliven Cacao beans goes to the development of the local community. When you make chocolate with enliven cacao, you're investing in people, helping families, and changing lives!

You the artisan chocolate maker, the craft chocolate you make, and your customers are all combining to bring economic independence, education, and social development to the hardworking families of the communities surrounding Rancho Grande in Nicaragua.

Grown in Nicaragua - Stored in Minnesota

Enliven Cacao is grown in the rainforest mountains of Nicaragua, then shipped to the USA where it is hand-sorted and stored in our warehouse in Minnesota.

Direct Trade

Without the Risk


ALL of the benefits. NONE of the risks.

No importing hassles, no shipping worries, no quality mysteries, no language barriers. Enliven lives and works alongside the community, helping them perfect their harvesting, fermenting and drying techniques.

Before you buy enliven cacao, your beans have gone through multiple quality control steps, including a final hand sorting and review in our warehouse in Minneapolis. And enliven takes none of the profits. 

Beauty of the Beans


Everything You Want in Artisan Cacao Beans

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Organic Processes

No pesticides, no herbicides, nothing but natural ingredients and materials from Nicaragua to your doorstep.



Handed down through generations, these family farmers are proud to give their children an opportunity for a better life. 

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A flavor profile that can only come from our unique blend of cacao varietals grown in the mountainous rainforests of Nicaragua.

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