Eat Chocolate. Cure Poverty.

All of these artisan chocolate makers below use Enliven Cacao to create their uniquely delicious chocolate bars. It's like magic you can eat. All natural, organic, fine flavor heirloom cacao beans can be crafted into a wide variety of dark chocolate and milk chocolate flavor profiles. Try them all!

You eat great chocolate, why not cure poverty at the same time? 100% of the money these chocolate makers spend on Enliven Cacao beans goes back to the farmers, families and the community of La Colonia. The more you eat, the more it helps. Buy some!

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Bars & Bonbons

by Concetta’s
Bonbons, truffles, and bars - oh my! Every creation from Concetta’s uses enliven cacao.
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Five Bars

by Blue Dragon
Using only one cacao bean, they manage to create five deliciously different flavor experiences:

  • 70% Dark

  • 85% Dark

  • 71% Ancho Pepper

  • 70% Sea Salt

  • 56% Milk

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70% Cacao Bar

by Lucy Meifield
”Look for hints of pear and cashew with a fruity finish.”
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70% Cacao Bar

by River-Sea
”Notes of Butterscotch, apples, and honey.”
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40% Dark Milk

by Lirio Chocolate
”I found these beans went perfect with the creaminess of the milk.”
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70% Cacao Bar

by Ritual Chocolate:
”Incredibly balanced with notes of dried fruit, nuts, coffee, and a fair amount of earthiness.”
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60% Cacao bar

by Wallflower Chocolate:
"The flavor notes we experience are coffee and nutty. First batch sold out in 1 hour."
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52% Dark Milk & Pecans bar

by Markham & Fitz:
"Enliven cacao melds with cream and the subtle crunch of our Louisiana lady’s heritage, the pecan. Black salt harmonizes a classy finish."
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70% Cao bar

by Cao Chocolates:
"Single origin Enliven Cacao from Nicaragua that delivers notes of citrus and spices."
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70% Dark bar

by Dulce D Leche:
"Upfront fruitiness yielding to flavors of stewed red plums and a hint of green peach at the end."
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75% Cacao bar

by Primo Botanica:
"Velvety with some deep red fruity notes like strawberry with the caramel aftertaste of balsamic."
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70% Ka bar

by Tabal Chocolate:
"This two-ingredient bar carries a subtle caramel flavor with hints of nuttiness. The word 'ka' is Mayan for 'two'."
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72% Cacao bar

by Indi Chocolate:
"Masterfully prepared to create a deep, rich chocolate flavor with bright notes of blueberry and hints of dark fruit."
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70% Cacao bar

by Roots Chocolate:
"Flavor notes include a subtle fruitiness with end notes of light coffee. Farm-crafted chocolate made on a 4th generation owned farm in the Wisconsin Dells."
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85% Cacao bar

by Sublime:
"Bright fruits with citrus and a deep dark smokey chocolate finish."
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72% Cacao bar

by Burnt Fork Bend
”Dark fruits with a hint of blueberries and a delightful chocolate finish.”
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75% Dark with Coconut Sugar

by Kyya
Smokey, caramel notes with a rich dark finish.
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77% Cacao bar

by Fruition
Uniquely roasted to bring out multiple layers of flavor, including smokey dark fruits, caramel, and a smooth dark chocolate finish.
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